Hassa Jewelry represents the soul of Arabian cultural heritage. We take pride in bringing cultural concepts into our designs and consistently reviving them while keeping up with the latest trends around the world.
Celebrating heritage with elegance through our Ramak, Hoof, and Horse Shoe collections. Hassa creates powerful aesthetics and icons that feel loyal to their origins yet have timeless appeal.

Our ambition is to create rare beauty of exceptional craftsmanship that evokes the glamour of the past while remaining relevant in the modern world. The every day is special, the ordinary becomes precious.
During the search for perfection, our jewelers and designers crafted our collections in a way that excites thoughts and emotions beyond ordinary experience to intensify their beauty through the design and the most precious materials.

Our collections stand out with their timeless creations honoring beauty and individuality.
Handcrafted like the olden days, but designed for the golden days ahead, audacity and creativity underpin the collections of Hassa.
Hassa introduces Ramak, a collection inspired by the aura of the desert, exhibiting the Arabian horse as poetry in motion. Horses are the dolphins of the plains and the spirits of the wind; Ramak is free. Free to express its strength of character and its instinctive, rebellious nature.

And as we craft a story in each of our collections we thrive to embody our culture with its source of inspiration to whom it offers eternal life.